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Join the Pilates online live classes for the most effective Pilates workout

For beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Accomplish real results for core strength and toning through out your entire body enhanced flexibility skills, posture and conditioning.

Specific mat exercises for those who have been injured and in need of rehabilitation exercises.  Join me for the Pilates online live class to experience these workouts that will make you look amazing.

This Pilates online live class will be 30 mins long. Experience a full body burn and enhanced flexibility.

Target your core, legs and glutes to look amazing and feel great doing these effective online Pilates workouts. There are also specific exercises to sculpt, tone and lift your entire glutes.

For the beginners and intermediate, you will need a mat, some water and a towel for the Pilates online live classes. Advanced, will need a stability ball and a Pilates bar.

Do not hesitate to join the Pilates online live classes as these workouts help the body in a variety of ways promoting core strength, endurance and flexibility following a flowing sequence for general body awareness and neuromuscular re-education.

You should wear or choose clothing for this online Pilates class that does not restrict your movement in anyway and allows heat to escape.

Expect to execute each exercise through specific choreography of movement and breath. When doing this online pilates it is important to breath inhaling and exhaling as recommended

The pilates online live class will include warm-ups and cool downs along with your exercises. It is imperative when doing these online pilates classes we prepare the body by warming up to activate important muscle groups to mobilize the spine gently and generate heat in the body. The cool down exercises include gentle stretches which will be performed slowly focusing on breathing and centering your mind.


What will you learn
  • Increased core stability

  • Enhanced flexibilty

  • Overall muscle toning

  • Sculpted abs

  • Internet Access
  • Computer or mobile device
  • Mat
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Stability Ball


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