Chest HIIT Circuit


Chest Hiit workout

Doing 5 different exercises in this 30 minute workout.

The exercises that you will be doing is prees ups, decline press ups, decline dimond press ups, Explosive press ups , Standard dimond press ups.

You will do 3 sets and 60 seconds on and 60 seconds of a low intensity exercise for rest for all of the exercises apart from expensive press ups. You will do 6 sets and 30 seconds on and 30 seconds of a low intensity exercise for the explosive press up.

What will you learn
  • power and strength chest increasedower increased and strength chest improved Improved Improve

  • chairght Someairowalater
  • WeightatWater


  • 1 Lessons
  • 00:49:37 Hours
  • Chest HiiT Circuit 00:49:37

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