Chair Yoga with Claire Miller


Chair Yoga course online 

Chair yoga is a form of yoga that is accessible to all. This course is pre-recorded and videos are streamed online, so this makes it even more accessible for you to take part in classes.

Chair yoga is an excellent way to loosen and stretch tight muscles, reducing stress and improving circulation.

Each online class of chair yoga will begin and end with a with a focus on your breath, leaving you with a sense of lightness.

Claire will give you a clear and descriptive instructions for each movement during the chair yoga video classes. So you can relax and enjoy your chair yoga class. 

Claire is a highly qualified and skilled fitness and yoga trainer, who teaches a variety of online and in-person fitness and yoga classes. Claire became visually impaired a few years ago and truly believes that yoga is for all and works hard to ensure that her classes (both online and in-person) are accessible to all.

Claire teaches yoga in-person in the United Kingdom, in the areas of HA4, Ruislip, Pinner, Uxbridge UB10, West Hampstead and Regents Park.

Claire teaches Kids yoga, Forrest Yoga and many more, both in-person and through online yoga classes. Please check Claire's profile for full class listings.

What will you learn
  • Reduced stress

  • Increased flexibility

  • Stable chair
  • Internet connection
  • Device to watch the videos on
  • Quiet space to workout in


  • 4 Lessons
  • 01:56:30 Hours
  • Live Lesson - 45
  • Class 1 00:25:47
  • Class 2 00:28:37
  • Class 300:31:13
  • Class 4 00:30:53
  • Live Lesson - 45
  • Live Lesson - 45
  • Live Lesson - 45

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